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Written in Ink
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Girl You Look Amazing

I first saw Nicole Atkins and the Sea at Bonnaroo in 2009. It was my first show of the festival on the first night. I was standing in the front row off to stage right and I could see the sunset from under the eaves of the giant tent as I scanned the audience for a familiar (or friendly) face.

It wasn't packed yet - people were still sitting on the highway waiting to park and set up camp. Those of us that were able to find this little refuge were clearly happy to be there - a palpable sense of joy and anticipation hung in the air for this four day adventure we were going to go on together.


And here was Ms. Atkins. Belting out songs about love in the summer and longing and cherishing the small moments.

I was hooked.

She played Letterman once. At the end Dave just gushes over her and asks "Wanna go out and get a steak?" I can't blame him.


Her new album is out. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet. Hard to get the time these days - kids, jobs, yadda, yadda. But this song is infectious and upbeat and more than a little sad all at the same time. It's pretty close to perfect pop, at least to my ears.

I think that you should give this a whirl.

As for me and Nicole, we'll always have sunsets and Tennessee.

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