I was driving home from an appointment cross town with my partner in the car when I got cut off pretty aggressively by a guy in a big white car (I'm leaving out less pertinent details but yah I saw the make and model). His driver side window was down so I could see his face in his driver side mirror.

I didn't have the benefit of hindsight in that moment, so I naturally gave him a one finger salute. He doesn't really react until I see him reaching down grabbing around for something that appears to be between the passenger seat and the console—at this point I've got a pretty bad feeling.

Since he's in front of me, he fakes a right turn but just turns his car out where I'm able to pass by and he ducks right back in behind me and the chase is on. I tried to put as much distance as possible between he and I, but as I approached a wall of cars stopped at a red light I made a quick right up a smaller side street that takes me up to the next major road. Slowing for the turn allowed him to make up ground, and as soon as he rounds the corner I hear "BOOM" and a sort of "clack" as some kind of debris hits the back of my car.

I momentarily shit my pants because, well, a dude just shot at me in broad daylight during rush hour traffic in a heavily populated commercial/residential area.

If I didn't mash that go pedal through the floor the first time, I certainly did now. I quickly got to the next light and made a California style right on red before I pinned the throttle again to gain as much distance as possible.

By this point, my partner's on the phone with police and I turn down another side street about a mile up, heading south back toward the first road where I was engaged. Lucky for us he continued straight when I made that turn so we drove a few more blocks before deciding the coast was clear and we could pull over and wait for police.


When the police showed up, I started describing the events of the previous minutes and the officer made it clear this was someone quickly becoming known as a troublemaker in that neighborhood. They don't know who he is but there have been other reports apparently, so I guess the shooter isn't really making any friends.

Upon inspecting the car, I found that not only was I lucky today, but the Big Man must have been looking out for me because the bullet glanced off the top of the trunk lid (grey streaks of lead) before impacting the very bottom of the rear windshield, which amazingly did not shatter. The point of impact looks like the round disintegrated as soon as it hit the glass, because there are grey streaks in each direction outward from it, but the glass has some "rippling" to it also which Isn't apparent anywhere else on the window and I think was caused by the bullet.


The trajectory of the bullet, given the marks on the trunk and glass, eventually would meet the back of my head/neck/shoulder in the driver seat. I'm thankful for the extreme slope of my back window, and for the less than perfect aim of my assailant.