Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Watching England's Queen of Trash TV, Trisha Goddard. Topic is transgender teen transition. There was a case during the 2nd half of the show about a 12 year old boy who is transitioning from boy to girl that caught my eye. It stood out due to the boy's age.

I then turn to my mom, and asked her "what if one of your sons, or daughters said, at the age of 12, we felt like we were really a boy/girl. How would you feel?"

Without missing a beat, and with a smile she said, "We'll... I guess we'll have to start looking for some doctors then." I then realized. Despite my shitty circumstances (bring broke all the time, unemployment, occasional depression), that I'm pretty lucky to have a mom like her. Believe me, she wasn't always this open minded. She was initally opposed to my relationship with my ex of another race. I guess some people do mellow out with age.


I don't want to oversimplify what it may feel like for parents to adjust with suddenly having a daughter, or son. But I just never understood the objection many parents feel to reassignment surgery. If my son came to me, upset because he felt he was living a lie, I wouldn't care if he wanted to be a boy, girl, or some combination of both. If getting my son help could end his suffering, I'm down for the cause. Sadly, many parents aren't that relaxed about it, and don't feel the same.

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