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Shared Open Thread Idea UPDATED with a partner in crime!

So the other day we had some Groupthink visitors and I suggested a joint open thread once a week, with it switching from Crosstalk one week to Groupthink the next.

I am glad to "host" it here, but I have no requirement that I host. Magister would be a normal choice it seems to me. I'd also not like to make any promises until I see his opinion on the idea. Okay so now vote, please.

I tried to have one of those poll things but it wouldn't allow it to pst. So vote in comments


Yes/no and what day of the week if yes, please.

So GoodtimeGhoul (girl) has kindly volunteered to be the better half to me over at Groupthink for Open Thread! Thank you GoodtimeGhoul!!

I'll be posting the first Open Thread today at 2pm PST!

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