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I have been charged with a felony because my roommate left this in my coat pocket

It's going to be dismissed or reduced because of bad police work (and white privilege)- I hope- but if convicted of having half of my roommate's goddamn Adderall in my pocket I face a minimum sentence of 3-4 years.

What the actual fuck, North Carolina.

eta: A police officer came to my office to inform me that my lawyer failed to appear in traffic court in another distant county, searched me, and found less than a half of the pictured pill in the pocket of my coat, which my roommate and I often share. Because of NC's draconian laws meant to court public opinion by cracking down on methamphetamine users, this is what happens if you don't have your own prescription for a different formulation on your person. My bail was $1000 on a $7500 cash bond. Raise up.


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