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It started with a bloodcurdling scream. My neighbors and I thought it was a woman being murdered. It was an 18 year-old boy overdosing on K2, that "synthetic pot" that is apparently nothing but horror in a packet.

After the first scream, he ran down the breezeway and made it down part of the stairway until he collapsed, pupils as big as saucers, focused on nothing but something terrible only he could see. He was covered in livid scratches on his back, his arms, his chest. He trembled, as if he were having a petit mal seizure. His fists clenched against invisible enemies. He screamed again and again.

Finally, he laid back on the stairs as if he were nodding. We waited for the ambulance and stood back, watching his chest and face to make sure he was still breathing. He was too agitated for me to get any closer and still be safe.


He's on his way to Parkland now (of JFK fame). Kids, don't do this stuff. Risk peeing dirty, ok?

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