Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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What movies do you love besides the front runners for the Oscar?

My favorite movie this year was actually Nebraska. I think Bruce Dern was phenomenal and real as some old rural curmudgeon and June Squibb was hilarious. I hope they clinch at least something—maybe a writing Oscar because this movie showed something very real about the silence and stillness of rural America. It has the subtlety and narrowness of the drama that occurs in small towns. I don't know—maybe it's because I'm from a rural area but it really resonated. You guys should watch it. I don't know how many times I've sat in a room with people I've hardly ever seen and you get this combination of repression and feigned indifference as you sit and connect by acting almost completely distracted by something else. There was a scene with a bunch of brothers reunited and they were almost totally absorbed by the local game. GOD, it sounds weird but really captures something about the ways that some people relate.


Does anyone else like movies that aren't necessarily front-runners?

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