Written in Ink
Written in Ink

I know this topic is played, but indulge me my literary joy...

So, I'm finally able to get the last half-season of Breaking Bad. One episode is titled, "Ozymandias," which I mis-remembered as Keats but now realize is Shelley. Anyway, so I do a little refresh on its meaning and come across other places it's been used. Lo and behold, Woody Allen was prescient (from wiki bc it's short and sweet):

Woody Allen's films Stardust Memories (1980) and To Rome with Love (2012) use the term "Ozymandias Melancholia", which Allen defines as "the realisation that your works of art will not save you and will mean nothing down the line".


Long wind-up, short relevance. But it seems as though despite the public debates as to whether his body of work outshines his personal choices, Allen himself, at least at one point, had a pretty well-developed opinion about it. I wonder whether he sees things any differently now, as it's no longer just hypothetical pessimistic schtick, and instead, is his real life.

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