The mobile version still has me scrolling forever and ever but I think I figured out the web version.

EDIT: So the threads are grouped together. Near the timestamp it has the number of people in the discussion. So you click "view the discussion" (I think) and it will only show that specific thread.

At the top of the comment section are the highlighted threads. Once you get past those highlighted threads, are the rest of the threads (which are grouped by the timestamped)


I explained this so badly at the top.

There are threads at the top which are highlighted threads. You can scroll down and see the majority of those threads without expanding. Then there are non-highlighted threads, which are below the highlighted threads.


The non-highlighted threads are condensed and you have to expand the thread to see most/all the comments on the non-highlighted threads. Adjacent to the timestamp on the non-highlighted threads are a listing of how many people are participating in the thread. You can expand the discussion on those non-highlighted threads by clicking "view discussion", which is on the bottom right of the thread's top comment.