I never like to copy/paste a whole article from a news site, so people will have to click to get the whole story and give the site some ad dollars. But in this case I can't see how to edit it without losing the unusualness of the story. Kind of like that story of the woman in greenwich village telling the robber that he didn't have the balls to shoot her. And I only mean they're similar in that much or most of the time these tactics can backfire. From Columbia, MO TV station, KOMU:

COLUMBIA - A shaken aunt in Columbia says her young niece is the reason why an armed intruder left their house on Bicknell Drive without causing violence.

12-year-old Marilyn Wildflower said she was woken up by a man masturbating by her bed early Thursday morning. Wildflower said the man had a gun, which he used to try to pull her blankets off her bed. Wildflower said she remembered watching a CSI episode that said not to show fear in these situations, and so she looked the man in the eyes and told him he was not allowed to touch her.

She told her 8-year-old sister she shares a room with to close her eyes and then told the man to leave.

Wildflower said the man turned to leave and she told him he should be ashamed of himself. The man then lowered his head and left.

Wildflower's aunt, Willow Clearwater, said she thinks her niece's actions made the intruder flee.


"I think she really made him think about what he was doing and is the reason why nothing even worse happened. She's incredibly brave," Clearwater said.