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I signed up at healthcare.gov today...

...and it took about 2 minutes. When I tried to log in the first time I thought they had messed up, but then I realized I was typing my username wrong (over and over). When I typed it right, it logged me in in no time at all.

I don't actually need the marketplace right now, but I set up an account in case I need it in the future (and having once had to use COBRA coverage, believe me, it's awesome to have these exchanges and these prices to compare and choose from. COBRA was insanely expensive).

Has anyone else tried to sign up? It's like Amazon or itunes or any other ecommerce site. You can sign up for an account without buying any insurance. Just save your credentials for future reference.


But I've been trying almost daily — in some measure just to test the response times for the site — ever since October 1st, and last week was 'better' but not good. Today is the first time I've seen the site functioning like I would expect it to: fast and error-free. At least for me it was both of those.

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