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I think more pointless gun control may not pass in my state.

My state (Massachusetts) recently held a number of hearings on the subject, and according to most involved the anti-gun crowd was weak, literally re-reading the same prepared statements mindlessly at every different town hall event. The worst part is, they lie by all accounts. They claim laws already in place don't exist for example, and try to mislead people.

We already have plenty of gun control here, and the new proposals are nothing short of insane from 7 round magazine limits to forced storage at gun clubs who have no storage, to one a month purchases to pointless studies and so on.

They love to tout the low levels of gun violence (that according to some numbers have gone up since the comprehensive 1998 bills) while at the same time blaming other states for illegal guns, and then claiming we need more laws here that would do nothing about other state's illegal guns.


I need a shiny .357, anyone selling?

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