You may have heard about the I, Too, Am Harvard campaign. It was to shed some light on racism at Harvard. I just want to say, what? That never happened to me. My experience was far more positive than what's happening to these students. Yeah, there was the occasional n-word and people being accused of stealing their own computers but, that was it. I refuse to believe that things have gotten this bad. Even if it has gotten worse, it's not like it isn't like this in other schools.

Which is why this campaign should stop. Don't let the racism you've received define your time at Harvard. All of this negativity towards Harvard might make future students go to Brown or...Yale. (Ugh!) I mean, you're going to experience racism anyway, you might as well experience it at Harvard. Consider it as learning how the world works. Yes, you can be Harvard. Just don't leave out the racists. They are Harvard also.