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I tried to fake out the Book o Faces. Fail.

I switched my birthday because, I know this is neurotic, I started to feel like it's beggy to have your birthday flash up and have people obligated to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Also, I was cranky and didn't want to say thank you to anyone.

I know, it was an asinine thought. I have those. My birthday was Dec. 28 and horrible and it probably would have been nicer had people known and been wishing me one! lol.

Anyway, I had thought I "reset" my bday on Facebook to May 1. But apparently I reset it to January 1 because I'm getting all these Happy Birthday wishes today.


I'm enjoying the hell out of it. It's like Christmas in July. Because it's not my actual birthday, it makes me feel good that my friends are wishing me well out of the blue.

Kids, don't grow up to be troubled like me. Think normal thoughts.

But some people know my real birthday and they're like WHAT THE HELL? lol.

Oh I tried. But as usual, foiled by you again, you crazy book o' faces.

At one time I deactivated Facebook because, privacy. But then a friend of mine (whose husband I really think works for the CIA although she won't tell me but I really do think, but maybe I shouldn't say, maybe I'll be "offed" now, forget I said anything, you know I'm kinda unreliable) anyway she just made this vague comment like "They already know everything" so I was like fuck it. The only thing I would do is, if I knew I were about to be part of a big news story, or to commit a crime, I would hope I would take my page down beforehand. I would need to be psychic, which is something I'm trying to work on anyway. It's never too late to follow your dreams.

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