I never thought our country would cut food stamps. I didn't like the Welfare Reform Act, but I never, ever thought we would become such a mean spirited people that we would begrudge poor people food.

Today, people are seeing their SNAP benefits go down. These are the people the recovery has already left behind. We refuse to raise the minimum wage so that an honest day's work will allow a human being to feed and house their children and then we take food away from them too. Don't people know what happens when people can't feed their kids?

(From Al Jazeera) The benefits, which are currently used by 1 in 7 Americans, fluctuate based on factors that include food prices, inflation and income. The rolls have swelled in recent years as the economy has slumped.

Many people signed up for the program following the recession that hit the country in 2007. As a result, the program has more than doubled in cost since 2008, now costing almost $75 billion a year. That large increase in spending has turned the program, now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, into a target for House Republicans looking to reduce spending.

Many Republicans now want to cut the program beyond what it will be reduced by on Friday.

I know many might feel that we have to 'tighten our belt' and 'live within our means'. But we are nowhere near that point. We could have all the funding we needed to feed our citizens but we refuse. I cannot understand how a human being can think that this is alright.