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Written in Ink

So I know I can get crazy-obsessive about people. But I really think that having Laura Jane Grace for an AMA-style or interview-style interaction would be amazing.

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I tweeted her, and she was responsive but I'd really love love love if we could convince her to come onto GT/CT for an AMA or "Interview-style" post. Maybe this is my fangirl-y bit taking over, but Laura Jane seems really pretty awesome and someone that we'd do great to talk to or about because of her importance in the larger scheme of things which we're all very much aware of.


Laura's trajectory has been similar to many of our own on CT and especially on GT. She found herself a little later and fulfilled the sort of promises many of us put off. I'd just love to see GT and CT interact with such a wonderfully human person who has been a real hero to many of us.

Probably? It won't happen. But I want to dream!

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