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ICYMI: Company "fines" unhappy customer $3500 for posting negative review

I keep thinking there must be a mistake with this story, but it's being reported by lots of separate outlets, including some that have defensive quotes from the company itself. A woman ordered some merch from shit vendor Kleargear dot com, and when there were problems with the delivery, she posted a negative comment on ripoffreport.com. So shit vendor kleargear dot com invoked some small print in their website terms and conditions and sent her a 'fine' of $3500 for posting disparaging comments on the web, and noted that if she didn't pay in 30 days they would report her to a collections agency and post the non-payment on her credit reports, which they did. And the credit companies won't take the incident off her credit report and the company isn't backing down on charging customers for posting legitimate comments online.

The company is hard to reach, with no listed social media presence (the FB and twitter accounts for the company may have been created by haters after the controversy got hot), but KUTV did get a quote (video at the link) in which the company defends its policy, instead of just acknowledging that it's insane and idiotic to 'fine' customers when it was the company that effed up the order in the first place.


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