as wise, unfortunate Polonius councils to his foolish, unfortunate son, then I am not intelligent. Sorry to the Empress and to to others who endure my long Gawker posts. I can only hope they are entertaining and revealing of an interesting mind, but I recognize all too well that more often than not they are the product of a dullard, and a boor, so thank you to all who read them, become annoyed, but hold their tongue because they are too polite and too wise to tell me to shut the fuck up. Please, in the future, do not restrain yourself, for your and my good. I'm apparently not into the whole brevity thing, Dude, but conciseness and dispassion are virtues.

I just can't help myself: following up on my last Crosstalk post today, I have endeavored to read the main currents of Western philosophy for the first time. It is an impossible subject to master, because there are so many thinkers and texts, but this is true of all of human knowledge and literature. In our mortal lives, we cannot even drink a drop of the vast ocean that is humanity's creativity and discovery, and this is before our busy modern lives, and the arresting and entertaining temptations of all the other arts. Throw in cinema, TV, music, the Internet, and you are completely fucked. Might as well give up the ghost now. All of these products of man are holy and beautiful—that man has created the unlimited sea from the tiny organ between his ears—but it is incredibly daunting and futile if one is supremely interested and curious in the world and in your fellow human. (How often do you instead of classic literature or great Italian cinema, spend your hours reading message board and blog comments? Not to mention Facebook and Twitter. Do you feel guilty for not knowing the whole of Faulkner but knowing the sundry personalities of the people on Reddit? I bet you do.) Seneca advised that instead of reading many books and authors, and skimming their waters, read a few and dive down deep. No wonder we have Faust and no wonder it still endures and will always do so down the future ages. Contradicting my own philosophy I outlined in my earlier text today, I yearn like the good Dr., even as I say that yearning causes mental and and emotional turbulence and unhappiness. But it's the world! What can you do?

Future. I. Will. Be. Short. Thanks for reading.