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If Not Purposeful, Could It Get Fixed?

The video overlay ads load after the page. Because the page includes comments, there's a slight delay between the initial page load and the ad. Though it's probably less than a minute, the delay is often enough for me to be a couple of paragraphs down and because big pics are the norm, it's usually after a scroll.

If you click "skip ad", the page reloads with a hashtag appended to the URL which takes it back to the top and you have to rescroll back down, then refind your place. A user workaround is to let the video play to its conclusion and let the overlay disappear without reloading the page, but then you have to sit through the full ad. To be honest, I'm not sure which is easier and lately more often than not, because Gawker is usually on a second or third screen, I've just been letting the video play, but that's not really fun when I'm trying to actively read the blog.

(Another workaround for when you want to revisit the comments on a post you've already read: I assume the script is checking the URL for a hashtag because though my experiments haven't been exhaustive, it appears that you don't get a video ad when you click from the index page right to the comments, skipping the post.)


Because I'm posting about the video overlays, I should also point out that though I don't know what could be done to fix it and it's only happened a few times for me, unless something's changed, the overlay will also autoplay even though you've clicked a video in the post. When this happens, you have a news report playing under the video ad.

I personally don't have experience with this type of ad. A quick look through the Google helpfiles makes me think the videos are still pay-per-click and not per-impression, so there's no added revenue from letting the video play to completion. If that's the case and there's no penalty for "skip ad", it'd be terrific if it wouldn't reload or rescroll the page.

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