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If You Are Anti-Tipping You Are Pro-Poverty

You know what, I'm really tired of people saying that they hate tipping and wish America would change and get rid of it.

If fact, if you are one of the people who thinks that way I think you are a huge asshole.

Here's the thing, good, well paying middle class jobs are disappearing like wildfire.

And tipping means that bartending and waitressing are two of the only jobs left that provide people without wealth or family connections to enter the middle class or stay in the middle class if they are already there. They are jobs that can easily end up paying $50,000 to $80,000 a year or more in metropolitan areas.

Good jobs like that for most people are incredibly hard to come by. Why would you want to destroy the ones that are left?

And don't tell me "well, the bar owners should just charge more and pay a living wage."

Bullshit. If tips disappeared overnight bar owners aren't going to suddenly start giving bar staff $300 to $500 in cash for a Friday night shift. Instead they'll just pay them minimum wage - pushing people out of the middle class forever.

In other words, if you are anti-tipping what you are really saying is that you'd like to put millions of people into poverty just because it's annoying to throw down a few bucks on your night out.

Which means you are an asshole.


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