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I'm Calling It

Let me begin this by making it perfectly clear that I don't want to be right. But I think I am.

Before it's all over there will be much more speculation and exaggeration and giddy fascination with Solange/Jay-Z incident that took place in the elevator of the Standard Hotel.


There will be just as many attempts - I'm sure - by her die hard stans to explain it away. And of course there will be plenty of folks eager to default to the time-honored tradition of painting a Black woman out to be irrationally angry/hysterical/violent/crazy/ghetto. But - and I say this as a chick who has been known to step to a man when necessary to protect my own interests - Solange looks to me in that video like a woman who is fighting for a righteous cause.

I have occasionally voiced my deep skepticism about Beyonce as a model of female empowerment, especially in light of the hyper-sexualized imagery and lyrics in her latest album, both of which strike me as contrived to the point of desperation for the purpose of appealing to the male gaze. We all know (or should) how dangerous it is to be that hungry for a man's validation in this Patriarchal society...that is decidedly NOT the path to feminine power. Dangerously in Love is not really something anyone should aspire to be.

So...with all that said, I think Solange tried to kick Jay-Z ass for putting his hands on her sister. And I don't think it was the first time.

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