Here you go.

And yes, it doesn't rain all that much, but generally the western side of Washington (and Oregon) is known for it's temperate climate. When my boyfriend and I decided to move here from Los Angeles a little over two years ago I kept raving about the cool weather (I was born and raised in Portland). Last year was one of the warmest springs and summers on record.

Because it is rarely over 80 degrees in western Washington, very few places have air conditioning. Everywhere in LA has air conditioning, so even if you are forced to go outside, whatever building you enter drenches you in frosty air. In Seattle, you leave your roasting apartment, go walking in the roasting sun, enter a building that has "AC" that is never running, and go back to your roasting apartment.

I was in actual hell last spring and summer, and if we have a repeat this year I might jump off my balcony (not really). Alright, I'm going to stop ranting, start drinking more, and enjoy the 46 degree weather.