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Because I think this shit makes me cray! Normally I would not know that because I conk out after taking Ambien. Or so I thought.

But maybe I don't stay down. Apparently the problem with Ambien is you can pop up, but not be aware. People have driven cars, gorged on snacks, and done all sort of crazy thing while on Ambien. I would put links to these things, but my Ambien is already kicking in.

And that's another problem. Don't write on Ambien.

Last night I apparently wrote a letter to my Congressman which had something to do with children dying and education sucking and government shutdowns and I'm not sure what all else, because I'm afraid to look at the Congressman's reply. Oh yes, he replied right away.


I only vaguely remembered sending it AFTER I saw his reply in my email box. I haven't read it. Have I mentioned I'm a coward? I do bad things and then cannot face them. Naughty, bad, person.

So from now on I'm turning off the computer before taking Ambien. This will be my last Ambien-induced post.

I apologize for all the ridiculous, callous, or utterly CAHRAZY things I've typed on here, some of which were just me being me, some might have been Ambienified a little. But I can't remember so at least I have no guilt.

I need to get off all these pharmaceuticals I take. Honestly, being a sick person, I have a wire basket filled with prescription pill bottles. Some days I take them in different order just to be crazy. But I hate these chemicals. Half the pills I take are just to alleviate the side effects of the other pills.


Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a medical marijuana state. I bet pot helps you get to sleep easily. And probably doesn't inspire you to write crazy letters to congressmen.

Oh god, you don't think I selfied him, do you? Bwahahaha. That would actually be funny.


OK, I'm really Ambified now. Putting down the keys. Everyone have a WONDERFUL night.

(Oh, about the headline. I'm giving up Ambien AFTER tonight. Probably.)

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