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I'm Not Dead!

But I may have made a huge mistake.

So I haven't been around in some time as the promotion I had was keeping me quite busy. I eventually got used to it enough to get through the day (though I did end up having a big time anxiety attack at the start of August). However, I was still on my quest to find a new job. Which I found. And that's where the problem has occurred.


I know part of what I feel is just new job jitters but I also feel like I was given a rosy picture of the company in the interviews as I prodded for any information that'd give me some insight when the truth wasn't so rosy. The company is far more disorganized than they let on in my questioning (for example, they don't even have anyone doing shipping/receiving in a manufacturing warehouse) and the culture is far messier than they let on.

For example: On my third (third!) day, I arrived in the morning and it was just the president (my boss) and I. He thought it was appropriate to give me a "suggestion" about how to handle my, lack of a better term, handicap. Despite trying to explain things to him he just sort of blew me off and I was left fairly dumbfounded (and still am).

The following day he full on just started yelling at someone in the middle of the (small) office as she tried to get him to deal with a customer who was making threats of legal action on something. Then they went into an office that was about 6 feet away and he continued to yell loud enough that we could still all hear. I sat there stunned while everyone pretended it wasn't happening. Of course, since it's a very small and disorganized place there really is no HR to go to about either of these things.

Plus, a document was left behind by the person who I am replacing, due to them being promoted, and almost no one read the thing. I was left with 5 pages of tasks to do that I had no context on... and still haven't gotten answers on for some items since everything gets pushed off constantly.


Hell, I haven't even been given a W4 yet because they never decided on what sort of employee I'd be. I've had to ask multiple times for a W4 now and still don't have one 5 days in (and 4 evenings of training prior to starting).

So I'm really not sure where I stand on all of this. I do feel like part of it is new job jitters but some of the things that I've been witness to or been apart of for the past few days just seem rather inexcusable. I do also feel like I rushed into accepting the job in order to jump to something new and probably should have looked more for warning signs. Is it too soon to form an opinion? Too soon to start looking elsewhere? How would I explain it if I did start looking elsewhere? I know nowhere is perfect but this seems like it's far from comfortable.



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