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Fox Security - Intimidation Force

I'm not saying they (or anyone) should emulate Keith Olbermann, but maybe Gawker should look for something in the middle, between the two, when it comes to reporting threats.

In Max Read's Gawker post, he linked to a CapitalNew York story from last January, where John Cook said that Roger Ailes had him and Hamilton Nolan followed in 2012, which he learned about in 2013, but as I pointed out in my (gray) comment, it was never reported on Gawker and it appears they didn't aggregate the CapitalNewYork post.

A couple of times over the years, including with their original Putnam County reporting and again today, when I learned that the Gawker bloggers had been tailed, I thought about the time many years ago, when Bill O'Reilly threatened callers to his radio show with a visit from "Fox security", if they mention Keith Olbermann's name.


The one minute threat appears about a minute into the (first?) ten minutes Keith Olbermann did on the mention of his name, when the story broke.

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