Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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The press we deserve

In his column in today's NYT, David Carr dissects the 24-hour-news cycle and CNN's rush to wrong in "reporting" Wednesday that authorities had arrested one of the Boston bomb suspects. He concludes, musing: "Like everyone else, the president wants to have a press that is equal to the people it serves."

Problem is, I have this nagging feeling that is exactly what we are getting. In so many areas — cable news, politics, business (to name just a few) — the drive to be first, to win, becomes all consuming. Truth falls by the wayside as TV shouters, the Congressional GOP and big-bank execs (to name just a few) take advantage of our short attention spans, cynicism and frustrations to sacrifice the public good for personal gain. And society as a whole rewards them with ratings, power and money.


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