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In Honor of my 30th Anniversary, I'm changing my name

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That's a lie. I'm not that romantic.

By decree of Homeland Security, the DMV and Real ID, I have to change my name in order to renew my drivers license. More specifically, I need to change the name on my social security card (maiden name) to the name on my license (married name)


( I use my married name most of the time but I like to whip out my old name when the mood hits, not in an alter ego way, but as a blast from the past -to amplify a certain part of me that's still maiden-like.)

I have been on a mini odyssey for about six weeks trying to gather the proper documents to satisfy the requirement for Real ID which I guess every adult in the US is required to have to renew one's license by either 2014 or 2017 (depending when you were born) in order to “reduce fraud and “fight” terrorism”.


Each time I waited in line there was another problem.

First I had the wrong birth certificate, mine was issued by a hospital- you must have one issued by government.


Then because, OMG! I suck as a feminist, hate to fill out forms, skip errands and can't remember to pay bills on time, there are few pieces of mail coming to my house that have my name on them and one needs to show 2 proofs of address and they wouldn't take a utility bill with my spouse's name.

Last time it was the social security card problem. Repeating "But I've been married for almost 30 years. The IRS never had problem with my identity. Why should you?" didn't help.


So I will stand in another line for two hours and give up my name for good because terrorism is bad and I want to drive my car. Isn't that romantic? (Not now, but its going to be, because in a long relationship, there's no surpassing the over the top romantic scenarios of the early years. One learns to spin small gestures into grand ones with a few well chosen words and good timing)

Anyway the point of all this rambling, is when its your turn to get Real ID'd, take care to have all the documents required. It doesn't matter how well you know yourself, they want you to prove it. Oh, and don't let your passport expire. They are Real ID friendly.

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