Hey loves,

I just have this teeny tiny business and a need for some help. Simple help. I had a guy coming today, and in absurd L.A. fashion, he texted me when he was supposed to be here and said that he was getting his hair cut. I found speech and asked him how late he'd be.

Next text was that his car had been towed. I don't think I need to clarify that his car would not have been towed had he shown the fuck up to his job or in any way found our confirmed plans meaningful.

ANYWAY, is there anyone out there who actually wants to work? For well above minimum wage for easy work, snacks, fun, coffee, flexibility...? Anyone? I'm in WeHo. It's simple mixing, measuring, filling, labeling. In a pleasant environment, totally low key.

I just know people are desperate for work, and this guy quite obviously isn't. So if you know anybody, give me the word! ASAP. Thank you!!!!!