Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Update: Catharsis was had. Advice was received. Thanks, folks! I am even more enamored of this little internet community. Y'all are awesome.

Hola crosstalkers (and any GTers who may also be here). So, a thing happened a couple of hours ago. I need some advice...


To be vague, I received some text messages a couple of hours ago from a person (obvs). I need advice on how to respond/deal with the issue brought up in the text messages. Basically, I'm facing a slight ethical dilemma. I'm a pretty ethical person, and so part of me is saying I have an ethical and moral responsibility to respond and help this person with their issue. But a bigger part of me is fucking pissed off and totally doesn't have time for bullshit anymore. If anyone really rocks at giving advice, could you please email me at I.am.Xyl0c41n3 at gmail.?

I probably won't see it for at least an hour or two, though, because I'm heading out for a bike ride to work off steam/stress/emotions.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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