Written in Ink
Written in Ink

It’s 3am, amd I can’t sleep. A bit drowsy, but still unable to fall asleep, I decided to turn on PBS for some background noise, thinking that would help me get some rest. It didn’t work. Instead, I shot up in bed, drawn in by a.very unique show.

Independent Lens is on right now, and the topic is an extremely interesting one, that I’ve never gave much thought about. Tonight’s episode is titled “Autism In Love”. Most of what I know about autism is just the clinical aspects. The biggest piece of info I already knew about autism, it’s a spectrum disorder. But there was one misunderstanding, I always thought those on the higher end had a lot of difficulty forming intimate bonds with others. It’s rare to find a documentary topic about something you didn’t even know existed, or was even possible. But “Autism In Love” did an amazing, and beautiful job in getting me to understand the emotional side of the spectrum.


Quite honestly, I didn’t realize that adults with the level of autism shown in this episode was able to genuinely experience such a deep, emotional, connections/companionships with other people of an intimate nature. Especially when it’s am intimate love with others outside the immediate family.

The most heartbreaking story was Stephen, and Gita. Stephen has autism, and was married to a woman name Gita for 15, or 20 yrs(I forget how many exactly). Sadly, the year previous to filming, Gita passed away from ovarian cancer. Most of the time Stephen talks the way one would think a person on the autism spectrum to talk. I guess lack of emotion, or detached is the best way I can describe it. But when Stephen begins to discuss Gita’s passing, he clearly gets choked up, and extremely emotional. It’s obvious Gita was the love of his life.

I highly recommend this episode. Even if you’re not in the mood for a cryfest, it’s still a great watch.

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