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Interesting Discussion on Gawker

It may get grayed because the thread has veered pretty far from the topic of the original post, but there's an interesting discussion about ABC's Modern Family and whether it's "gay minstrelry" under Neetzan's piece about Sasha Baron Cohen withdrawing from the Freddie Mercury biopic.

Also, I realize that it could cost me cool points with @cheerful_exgirlfriend and others, plus it's only related to that thread to the same degree as the thread is related to Neetzan's original post, but I'm going to admit for the world to see that I watch Two and a Half Men. Though I haven't watched every episode over all the years by any means.


In the beginning, I watched because the show was somewhat groundbreaking.

In the 90s, Jean Smart and Mary McDonnell starred in what was marketed as an Americanization of Absolutely Fabulous, but before they even started filming, expectations were tempered with the idea that they wouldn't be able to do hard drugs. In fact, if my memory is correct, Smart's character was the one doing most of the drinking and she was the one still abusing their corporate compromise of prescription pills.

Charlie Sheen's character on Two and Half really marked the first time that a broadcast network (non-cable) show was built around someone who implied drug use and promiscuity without abandon. This distinction may have become lost over the years as network television has become less important and the blur of cable channels is hard to discern, but there was a time not that long ago, when Charlie Sheen's character wouldn't have been shown.

Then, I skipped a few years. I remember part of the reason was that they changed laugh tracks or whomever was controlling it as they went into the second, the second of which I found annoying and once the ground was broke, there wasn't a lot of reason to keep going back.


A few years ago, probably the season before Sheen's departure, I discovered that the show streamed via CBS.com and it was often available before midnight in my timezone, which was before the newest episodes of other shows are available online. So, I got in the habit of watching it again and continued to watch to see how Ashton Kutcher's character was incorporated in the show. Now, next season it will be old hat again, but I'll probably watch when I want twenty-two minutes, especially if the upload schedules don't change.

It's not deep and it's not really groundbreaking anymore, but it doesn't make my eyes bleed to stream it on a second stream, while I do work or read on the first.


Whew! That's off my chest...

I watch Two and a Half Men as trashy TV and I let episodes of Modern Family stack up in my Hulu queue because it's something that I watch with my wife.

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