Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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Interesting follow-up to Graby's post.

According to Daily Kos, it's starting to look like a concerted smear campaign is being waged against Bergdahl. There is plenty of existing documentation to show that the record is being distorted in the interests of trying to smear Obama by way of Bergdahl, with little regard for the facts of what happened.


As an aside, it was depressing to see how many people on the MP bought wholesale, with no skepticism whatsoever, anonymous Internet comments from people who were supposedly Bergdahl's fellow soldiers. Even if those commenters really were who they said they were, their testimony wouldn't be unassailable. But Jesus, people, you have absolutely no way to know who the fuck they are, why, in a situation so ripe with potential for people to lie their heads off, would you automatically assume that they're giving you the straight scoop?

[Edited because I stupidly published too soon, sorry.]

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