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Written in Ink
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Internet Commenter Weekly

This faux magazine cover is not new but I just found it and laughed.

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My worst commenting peeves are not necessarily the racists, the misogynists, the homophobes or the right wing nuts. Those exist and I can either ignore them or laugh at them (and proceed to ignore them) or just throw in a calculated low level insult in their direction. Oh no, the ones that bother me the most, especially because they usually fancy themselves as above the "simple bitch" rhetoric of the aforementioned racists and misogynists are, in no particular order *:

  • "Who cares?" "Why are you writing about this?" SHUT THE FUCK UP! Obviously someone cares (at the very least the person who wrote the shit you are reading in A FUCKING FREE BLOG) and chances are, by the rules of purely statistical probability, there will be others, however small a percentage, that also fucking care about the topic at hand. Oh you don't care? YOUR FUCKING APATHY IS NOT A VIRTUE. IT'S A FUCKING DISEASE.
  • The "I have never read this site before but I am going to complain about the fact that this site covers topics I consider unimportant". This is not exactly a "Who cares" type but they might as well belong to the same genus. "I only started reading Gawker three months ago but I am going to complain that they post about a celebrity that I consider unimportant" (see every post about Justin Beaver or the Kardashians). This on the site that covered every fucking step of Julia Allison as a "phenomenon" or was read mostly because of "celebrity stalkers" maps. "Who cares about what happens in New York?" on a site that was founded with the main goal to report on what was going on in fucking New York. "Why are you suddenly writing about the douchebags in Silicon Valley?". On a section of the site that was known for writing exactly about that topic on a fucking full time basis.
  • Status quo upholders. A corporation treats their employees like dirt? "They should go and work somewhere else". A post about the employment conditions of blue collar workers? "They should go to college and get an education!" or "It's warehouse work, what did they expect? it's supposed to be like that!". A parent organizes a protest about public school fees that price poor people out of education or shames their children as pay back? "This is the way things are. If you don't like it, move to another state". Which brings me to the epitome of the Status quo upholder "Women of Texas should move out of State" rather than fix the fuckery going on.
  • A close relative of the Status quo upholder, the defender of the "Rules are rules" axiom. "Rules are there for a reason" says this asshole when someone gets fired breaking said rules doing a good deed. "If they had listened to the cops when they were told to stop, they wouldn't have been shot". Their world is made of rules and compliance and if you follow the rules, the world is just and fair. That's all there is to them.

* Using examples from Gawker because chances are, those reading this can relate to the types I describe but these people are present everywhere.

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