1982: My first computer that I owned (the first I ever used was in school in 1980) and I could not convince my mom to buy me the optional modem. My dream of downloading Global Thermonuclear War via a 110 baud modem is thwarted.

1990: Snacktastic first uses email. Same year,Godwin's Law is created. Coincidence? I was using my school's MacIntosh. I was impressed they were using megabytes. THE FUTURE IS NOW. Or was then.

1995: Dysfunctional Family Circus. I was using my HP computer that was barely chugging along with windows 3.1 (4-lyfe) and my prodigy (soon to be converted to AOL account). Addicted to Civilization and just about anything else Sid Meiers had for my computer.

1997: First real office position—no computer and a rotary phone. I did not have a work computer until 1999. Did not have a work computer with internet until 2002. After 2002, productivity down.

1999: Hamster Dance—1999. You may have been using Windows 2000, which sucked by the way (Windows 3.1 4-ever).

2000Bonsai Kitten and the shock and awe of internet hoaxes

2002: Discovered and witnessed the demise of the Brunching Shuttlecocks, including their great Geek Heirarchy and the Alanis Morrisette Lyric Generator.


2003: ORLY Owl—the original Animal Meme (even before lolcats, perhaps finally vindicating Team Owl once and for all) and the fad that finally clued me into the existence of 4chan and Something Awful.

*Already had an awareness of anime. First anime movie I ever remember watching was Vampire Hunter D. Discovered hentai at 4chan. Not happy.


2004: Superdickery was truly massive time suck. Internet time suck accelerating. Began playing FFXI, posting on Fametracker, including being there for the implosion of the fan forums and sharing my feelings on Livejournal. Had already known about furries from infamous Vanity Fair article, but unfortunately discovered Baby Furs, Zoos, Nazi Baby Furs, Furry Mucks and every other possible amalgamation of real and imagined animal fucking while lurking. Spent a lot of time lurking. Lost faith in humanity.

2005: Discovered Homestarrunner about five years after it came out and through that, the wondrous world of animation, including the Happy Tree Friends and Zombie College.

For a nice reference, please look here.