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Interstellar was quite the movie, wasn't it? Some of you remember it as an instant movie of the year! Some of you remember it as a really, really bad. (hush, past self!).

A lucky few of us are now able to remember it as the story of TARS/Robot Jesus saving us from 5th Dimensional mad future descendants of Tommy, and I personally think we're having the most fun now!


But what if there was another plot?

What if Interstellar was better than any of us remembered?

Of course it was! We humans have amazing brains, and all we have to do is give them a little exercise.


When we're done with you, you'll be able to walk into any movie theater with all your neurons gleefully firing rather than hiding behind a shield of cognitive dissonance.

This way is so much more fun!

Let's begin.

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Interstellar: Ghost Story

There was a whole layer to Interstellar that we all missed. It was a haunted house tale told inside a Sci-Fi story. And it was ALL kinds of screwed up, but in a good way this time.


You might recognize the story because it's already been told before, from the perspective of Cooper's wife.

In the 2001 Nicole Kidman horror flick, 'The Others'

If you've seen it, stop right here and pause a minute, because this is WAY more fun if you get to make this journey on your own. Re-watch the trailer, read the synopsis, whatever works. Maybe you'll find something I missed!


Let's start with some key members of the cast.

Nicole Kidman: Cooper's Wife/Grace Stewart
Matthew McConaughey: Cooper/Charles Stewart :Christopher Eccleston
Alakina Mann: Anne Stewart/Young Murphy :Mackensie Foy
James Bentley: Nicholas Stewart/Young Tommy :Timothee Chalamet
Eric Sykes: Edmund Tuttle(new Gardener)/TARS :Bill Irwin
Fionnula Flanagan: Bertha Mills (new Housekeeper/Nanny)/KIPP :[Uncredited]
Elaine Cassidy: Lydia(new Maid)/CASE :Josh Stewart
[Offscreen]: Cooper's Mistress/Amelia Brand :Anne Hathaway


It's all one story, it's just a matter of perspective.

It'd be easy to cut to what really happened but...honestly that's kind of creepy...but also kind of lovely. Anyway, I'd rather not just jump right to it. Let's instead talk about what's going in the bulk of both of the movies rather than what that tells us about their respective endings.


What do both stories have in common?

Well, for one thing, they're mostly about a bunch of humans flopping trying to 'find their way' while these guys do all the heavy lifting.

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The ghost guides. Their big role here is to ferry the humans from one realm to the next in the best way possible while sparing their fragile psyches. . . and they're quite clever.


The problem is, our humans have issues.

  • Cooper/Charles is obsessed with Murphy/Anne but doesn't care about Grace at all and seems to be looking for every opportunity in the world to not worry about Tommy/Nicholas.
  • Tommy/Nicholas wants to be with his absent father who clearly doesn't know him.
  • Murphy/Anne doesn't want to be with Cooper/Charles.
  • Cooper/Charles wants to be an Astronaut/Pilot but feels trapped, eventually escaping, crashing, and feeling guilty about it.
  • Grace just wants things to stop changing so fast and wants her children to stay innocent forever.

I'm pretty sure I'm just scratching the surface here, but you see where I'm going, right? It's kind of a mess.

So our heroes use the best tool they have available to them, time.

In Interstellar, we see Charles getting his dream and going into space, finally accepting Anne choosing her own path, and going off to be with his true love.


In The Others, we see Cooper's Wife finally letting go of Tommy and Murphy, and coming to terms with what she'd done.

But what did she do again? What really happened?

Charles/Cooper flew off to be with his mistress and died in a plane crash.

When Grace found out, she killed herself while carrying her unborn child.

There were never children.

Murph had to live and die so they could live on as Tommy.

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There were two parts of that tiny little persona at war. The girl who wanted to discover and be left alone, and the boy who wanted a father.

And they both got their way, mostly thanks to Mr. Tuttle.

There were a lot of unfulfilled dreams here and a lot of guilt, but worst of all there was a sort of broken longing triangle. That was the key to everything.


That's what Mr. Tuttle fixed.

That's why he created TARS and gave Cooper that crazy mission.


What better way to give a boy who never got to be a child a chance to be with the father who never wanted him, than as his plucky robot sidekick?

At the end of The Others, when Grace finally lets go of Nicholas, Mr. Tuttle then swept up his spirit and brought him with him on an adventure with his father.


Except when Cooper brought TARS back from the dead, Mr. Tuttle wasn't there anymore.

It's just Tommy now.

And you thought nobody cared about Tommy, didn't you?


It just took us a few stories to get there, that's all!

Did I miss anything? Is there something else that's better than I remember?

About the Author:

Will is an awful, awful person who likes helping make things Better Than You Remember.


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