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Written in Ink
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Interview With James Franco's Penis

Recently, James Franco Instantly Telegramed a picture of himself some selfies which were seen by Rebecca Rose. One of the pictures, that has since been deleted, was of him in the nude. I had a talk with that deleted penis to find out what happened.

Granddad da God: Hey buddy! How's it...sorry.

James Franco's Penis: Haven't heard that ever. Off to a great start I see.

GDG: Sorry about that. This is my first interview with a penis.

JFP: It's fine. Lots of people get nervous around me.

GDG: Really? Why is that?

JFP: I'm attached to mother fucking Franco that's why.

GDG: Oh...okay. Well let's get into it. Get it?

JFP: *sigh*

GDG: Sorry again. What is it like to be part of James Franco?

JFP: Bro, shit's great! I do what any penis would do but with better stuff. Lots of guys have had sex with broads. How many can say that they get Franco broads?

GDG: I kinda figured you would be the type of penis that said stuff like "bro" and "broad".

JFP: What's that supposed to mean?

GDG: I'm asking the questions. In the selfie that he did leave up, he's all glistening and shit. What's that about?

JFP: The Franco had just got out of the shower, and his body was glistening. We both decided that was the perfect time for a selfie.

GDG: Why didn't he use baby oil?

JFP: He hasn't learned how to apply that yet. Last time we tried baby oil, we were reflecting the reflection of the mirror. Wrap your brain around that.

GDG: Nope. Let me ask about the naked pic that was deleted. Why was it deleted?

JFP: I can get a little shy after a shower if you know what I mean. It's like-

GDG: It was some shrinkage is what you're saying?

JFP: Shyness is what I'm saying. We had the perfect moisture on his body and I didn't need to ruin it by being shy.

GDG: Don't worry, I understand. Were these selfies made to try to seduce that 17 year old girl again?


James Franco: Fuck this. This interview is over. *Throws a bottle of baby lotion*

GDG: *Dodges baby lotion* Shit man sorry about that. Since you're up Mr. Franco, any thought on this?



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