Everybody likes the Bill Murray one, so this is from Matt Damon's instead. But the point is, this site takes AMAs and puts them into a more readable format, minus the 1,000,000 unanswered questions that curious redditors posed. I just thought people might like to poke around the site and read AMAs they might have missed when they were only available on reddit:

If I come hang out with you in Hollywood what are the chances that we'll become best friends?

There's a very good chance of that. I have 32 years of being Ben's friend, I'm definitely ready for somebody new to hang out with. It's gonna be a great time. We have a really fun night planned and we'll probably be in some kind of competition to befriend the winner so they leave the experience saying that one of us is better than the other. I'm personally committed to making sure the winner likes me more than Ben. And if it means us starting a secret handshake or joining a bowling league, I'm in. Anyway, here's the link: www.omaze.com/mattandben

How close were you to Hoffman? The Talented mr. Ripley is one of my favourites.

I mean, pretty close. We worked together a long time ago and I would see him here and there, all over the place. I'd go to his plays at the Labyrinth and I saw him just last year, we were working on Monuments Men and had dinner with him. The last time I saw him, I took my oldest daughter to The Hunger Games premiere in LA and we had a chat before the movie started. It's just incredibly weird that he's not around anymore.

[spotted on daringfireball.net]