Written in Ink
Written in Ink

I realized the last few movies I went to see, I chose out of a, "Well how bad can it really be?" threshold. And then I was surprised that they weren't as bad as I expected!

That isn't to say you're going to catch my ass in Thor anytime soon. The awful trailers I had to endure before About Time were the limit. I can't even remember them. All I remember about them is, I wouldn't fucking see any of them, even illegally streaming. Not worth my time.


Which is a long way to go to say, I'm trying to rally you all to see About Time; it's already turned a profit (about $50 million worldwide, on a $15m budget) so it doesn't need some internet stranger's help but... It's what we all say we crave in films, though, something about adults having relationships. I got over my aversion to the basic premise once I thought of all those bumps on my head I'd garnered hitting the back of my closet in futile quests to find Narnia.

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