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Irrational fears

So I can't stop thinking about this bullshit scenario. I know it's bullshit but I can't help it.

I deposited this big check in my account that needs to clear. I also posted my rent payment afterwards. I am gripped with this fear that somehow my check will be held up and my rent payment will try to clear—the bank, upon ignoring this check being cashed (it's a payroll check), will decide to bounce my rent check. Then of course, my landlord in the midst of anger, will decide to evict me, leaving me alone and unable to find a place to live.



I have a feeling that I may be catastrophizing. But how are you doing?

For those of us who are GAD most of the time, you got any similar thought processes?

PS. Yes, I know, I should have more of a reserve. It's a weird time.

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