According to Matt Cherette's recently updated Instagram profile, he may have a serious addiction problem and his friends are worried. Or not.

Matt hasn't been active on any type of social media for about a year. But earlier this evening, a random Twitter account pinged me to mention that his Instagram profile was recently updated.


"Matt Cherette — I'm Matt, I'm sick and need help. I have stolen from my friends and family to support my crystal meth addiction and gambling problem. me 16166382224"

I knew Matt personally for years, and this doesn't really seem like something he would write — I would assume his account was hacked before I would accept this as his own admission. But hey, it's there, and it provides the first actual update from one of his social media accounts in ages.

So what does this recent update mean?

Is he really sick? Was he hacked? Is he alive? Is he fucking with us? Is he just taking a self-imposed break from the internet? Or maybe he's working with a TV crew filming some weird "Internet Rehab" show where someone who's addicted to the net goes cold turkey for an entire year and this is all part of a viral marketing stunt?


Only one thing is known for sure — the mystery of the disappearance of Matt Cherette has gotten a little weirder this week. And there is no way I'm texting that phone number.