I was dubious about the slide to covering more politics, but, really, and I understand the need to call out charlatans and demagogues. But this constant barrage of stories about one candidate is not really “politics”. Especially when it’s all just a rehash of stories available anywhere, with a dash of dudgeon thrown in for flavoring.

I had hoped Gawker would be bringing something new to the beat. Inside sources about what’s really happening in the campaigns, donors, favors, promises made, even some smart looks at policy. But am I wrong in thinking 80% of the posts are really just Trump quotes + reactions to Trump quotes?

It’s early yet, but has this move to a politics blog uncovered any stories you couldn’t know about just by reading a fairly typical Twitter feed? I’m being serious. I feel like the answer is “no,” but maybe I’m not giving the new site identity enough credit, in which case I’m happy to be corrected.