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Written in Ink
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Is It Just Me Or...

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This clip from last night's SNL had something called Black Jeopardy. I don't know if this is a regular skit, because I haven't watched SNL regularly since I was a wee laddess, but oh my. The questions were monosyllabic ebonic-formatted 'insider' jokes that only black people would supposedly "get". And the outlier in the panel was the white contestant (Louis CK—my reason for watching) attired like a professor, because he, in fact, portrays one—of African American studies, no less. Because a white person is the only one who could presumably reach that level of scholarly achievement?


I am just confused. Am I not seeing something that I am supposed to be seeing here and instead seeing too much of something that doesn't exist?

Or is this an incredibly tone-deaf little number written by a bunch of white people under fluorescent lighting depicting black people as ignorant idiots playing a white person's intellectual exercise and hoping that it is funny and subversive while it is neither and is simply offensive?


Judge for yourselves. Enlighten me with your opinions.

(Posting in a few different formats to make sure you get the link.)



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