Seriously, why is it so stress-tastic?

At the end of the summer I have to figure out what I'm going to do regarding my insurance. So far I've only looked up vision and health care which, honestly, aren't too horrifying. Vision is a lot cheaper and what you get is way better than I thought so I'm not too worried there. It's the affordable care stuff that I'm flippin' out about. I'm in the weird position where what I make before taxes has me paying a bit more but what I actually see isn't that much so I get a slight credit for the plan I'm thinking of going with. Even so, I'm sitting here trying not to panic about the cost of all these various insurances plus stuff like rent and food. And that's still only one option as I have zero idea what will occur between now and then. Which is the worst part because now I get to worry about options until then!

This is all just way too stress-inducing. How do people do it and not go nuts? Can we hurry up and move toward that money-less Star Trek society?