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Have you ever finished watching a show, and left a little...disappointed?

Have you ever felt let down by both the creator of the big budget film for wasting all that money on that and yourself for falling for it again?


We're going to completely turn that around today. We're going to make it impossible for them to ruin what could have been a perfectly good enjoyable experience ever again.

But to do that, you're going to have to meet us halfway. You're not going to just have to accept a pretty simple thought, but embrace it.

Sometimes, the guys who create our entertainment get a little confused. That's okay, because our enjoyment isn't limited by them, but by us.

These aren't 'Fan Theories'. That's looking at it from the wrong direction. We're giving the power over our brains to the wrong people.


These are better fan realities.

This way, when you watch a movie, it can't be bad. There'll be something there that's brilliant, it's just up to us to write it


Strawman: But that's not possible, there are just some movies that can't be saved!

Not so, convenient conversational device! So far in a bit over a week just a few of us have


And we're just getting started! We could use a little help!

Here is, as best as I can figure out so far

The Process

  1. Identify target and approach (Plot rewrites for Interstellar, Science addition/rewrites for Midi-Chlorians for example). Write first draft post.
  2. Incorporate ideas from other people, identify points for Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type story branches (The conversations in the initial posts)
  3. Create the first multi-theory outline/decision tree (the 'Choices' in a Choose Your Own Adventure, necessary because you can't just glue every good idea together)
  4. Run through outline/theory tree for logical consistency (the real key for avoiding brain-hurty moments) and adjust.
  5. Write/Gather posts for theories and segments. Cycle back to 2 until satisfied.
  6. Write main page with referential links (also to discussion page)

And that's basically it. We link the discussion page because everybody has lots of brilliant ideas and they deserve credit (you'll be able to point to our posts and say 'here's we talked and my theory made it in, and I helped them make something else cooler too...or simply be happy that there's more happy in the world.)


I'd love some help taking all this to the next level, and have been doing some experiments to see how self referential posts propagate (let's just say this is amazingly friendly to any ad-based revenue model and the ROI is one of the shortest I've ever identified).

I'd like to give Kinja dibs, but it's more important to have fun so if anybody knows anywhere better and IO9 and Kinja don't have any interest then I'm more than happy to look elsewhere (it's made of links and heavily skewed towards future potential, so I'm unconcerned about petty squabbling up top). It also would be very friendly to a video component, and I'm leaning Ze Frank/the Vlogbrothers (John and Hank Green) and then perhaps Screen Junkies there, but as always the most important thing is that we all have a lot of fun.


Any recommendations for process improvements, plucky sidekicks, leaders, figureheads, goofballs, writers, and dreamers are welcome to join in the fun!

Edit: One point of emphasis that was made apparent by a misinterpretation below: While the world 'Fan' is there, Fan Theories and Fan Fiction exist on two ends of an analog spectrum and this is very firmly on one end of that spectrum. There is a subset of Fan Fiction that overlaps here (specifically those that completely rewrite the plot and ignore the initial intent of the artists), but from a functional standpoint, this is closer to satire.


About the Author:

Will is an awful, awful person who likes helping make things Better Than You Remember.


Interstellar : 200% Fixed. 55% Implemented (Two good solutions with lots of branches. CYOA Implementation added work)

Midi-Chlorians: 100% Fixed. 65% Implemented. (One good solution with few branches. Just needs cleanup. Lots of spillover into other films)


Sad Cancer Movies: 150% Fixed. 10% Implemented. (I still feel super weird about this one)

Game of Thrones: 80% Fixed. 100% Implemented. (Review format works fine as standalone, but more work needs to be done)


The Happening: 90% Fixed. 60% Implemented (Accidentally made cool with Midi-chlorians, but that movie was really bad)


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