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It's a banner day for TRUTH!

I never saw this but was thrilled to find this excellent story on Deadspin, Why I Believe Jameis Winston's Accuser by Julie Dicaro. She is a rape survivor herself and notes how similar her experience was to this one.


Then she analyzes the case and the press conference like a journalist SHOULD. Was this thing mainpaged like crazy? I can't believe I missed it. It was awesome.

She zeroes in on Florida State Attorney Willie Meggs. I have such strong feelings about Good Ol' Boy Meggs that I must be careful. I know him. Have sat in his office. He got me so angry I cried, and that made him so happy.

I plan to write more about a case he was involved in. I was going to do it today until Hamilton thrilled me with his Kathleen Parker piece and got me all distracted.

I've never published anything on my own blog. Does anyone see it? Or do you then publish the blog on Crosstalk? Magister, I need to send you Hershey's kisses or something in advance for explaining this.


But I'm just so all fired up now. Grrrrr. I think today is a good day for TRUTH!

Willie Meggs loves an audience. Look at how those so-called journalists are all kneeling beneath him like supplicants.

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