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It's Official: I'm Intentionally Staying Home Alone Tonight

As a young thirty-something who has had many years of debauchery on NYE under her belt, I find myself suddenly unconcerned with doing something for NYE. I have never felt this way before. Am I depressed or does this mean I'm finally an adult? My whole life I've found myself panicked and overwhelmed with the sense of finding the "best" plans for NYE. Then that sense of urgency is overcome by a sense of not-spending-all-my-money on NYE. But really, let's face it, I was really most concerned with "will this increase my chances on hook-up at midnight?" But this year, I really don't care. It's a Tuesday night. I'm exhausted from working. I don't want to dress up and go out in the cold to a $150 dinner and then to a crowded bar and then compete with 1/2 of NYC for a cab. Is that so bad? Oh My God. Am I loser now? Please advise.


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