I was taken aback by the comments on the James Franco piece and needed to let some of the steam out of my head, so here it is, my thoughts.

1. It is ok for Franco to hit on the girl, RIGHT until she told him her age. At that point is when he showed his creepiness. I am assuming he was a creep before this incident, and the thought that this was ok didn't just appear at this moment.

2. Just because the age of consent in NY is 17 doesn't mean shit on the creepiness factor at all. You are banging a high schooler, as in somebody that lives at home with their parents because they are neither mature enough, or responsible enough to actually take care of themselves. Anybody that could take you to their senior prom is probably to young for you by the age of 20 at the most.

3. I don't care that you and your significant other have a larger gap in age between them, don't care if he started dating you when you were in high school and you guys are still together today, that shit is just something I am not cool with. I think it says a lot about personal development.

4. Sage rule of hooking up/dating younger than you: Don't go 18 years under your age till you are at least 40. Pretty simple folks.

5. If you have to say "Don't tell anybody!" you are definitely a fucking creepazoid. If you can't look somebody in the face afterwards you shouldn't do it.