Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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Jaywalk Cop

Some old-timers might remember Nick Douglas as the founding editor of Valleywag, others may remember his book of tweets, while more may remember his time at Gawker and how one of his posts got the NYTimes to ask if the blog had "jumped the shark". (To which Nick Denton replied, they're "always jumping the shark")

The following is the pilot for his new web series, co-created with Daniel King, with Douglas in the title role. Jaywalk Cop has passed the first hurdle and the pilot was ranked second-highest by those at last week's screening for NY's Channel101. I'm not sure how it works from here on out, but my understanding is that as long as each episode stays in the top five, it'll go on to the next round and they'll produce more episodes.


If you're in New York, you might want to attend a screening. It appears they're also in need of a volunteer location scout and someone to help with sound. (See YouTube for more info)

For more about Nick's book, Twitter Wit, see its Gawker tag.

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