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Written in Ink
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Jeopardy's current champ is the 4th-highest winner ever

I don't want to jinx anybody, but it's funny how many articles were written about Arthur Chu's run as Jeopardy champion a couple of months ago and yet you never hear a word about the current champion. But current champion Julia Collins has already won more games than Chu won, and she's also won $284,000 in the process. Since Chu won $297,000, if Collins wins today she could easily rise to be the 3rd-highest all-time money winner on the show.


It's also worth noting that the previous two champions before Collins were both women, and one of them won something like 6 games in a row. I don't follow it closely enough to be certain, but I think women have won the last 20-25 games of Jeopardy.

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