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Jezebel Was Right

Lena Dunham had no business letting Vogue photoshop her. She was heretofore a champion of letting it all show, warts and all, and not being ashamed. Why is Jez being shamed for calling out Dunham's capitulation to The Way Things Really Are?

All anybody can focus on is Jezebel's supposed hypocrisy for criticizing the one "unconventional-looking" woman that Vogue finally chooses to cover. As if we are supposed to be CELEBRATING THAT???

I'm sorry, it is no step forward for womankind to have Vogue put Lena Dunham on its cover. With her chins photoshopped out and her face blotches and anything else that might look real. So she looks like all the other unrealistic airbrushed images of supposed women throughout that magazine.


Anna Wintour is the enemy. She is the force behind fat-shaming. She perpetuates the unrealistic and unattainable body images that contribute to anorexia, bulimia, and other shames women carry from the time they can look at a magazine and realize they don't look anything like a pretty lady.

Jezebel was right. Lena Dunham ought to be telling Vogue to go fuck itself.

I have thought long and hard before posting this. Yes, I'm in an extra bitchy mood this week so this might be tinged with that. But also, my opinion hasn't wavered since the day this so-called controversy broke out, and it has only grown stronger as I have watched Girls and marveled at how open and free that show is in celebrating how real girls look and talk and behave.

But they'll put it all on a shelf if Anna Wintour calls?

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